Join this years Great Big Green Week

Event and recruitment applications are now live!

The 2024 South West Herts Great Big Green Week (GBGW) will take place over the 8-16 June 2024 across Three Rivers and Watford.

We hope you will join us in putting on a celebration of community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. We want to bring together the breadth of amazing organisations working across the area, raise awareness of the work you do and highlight the changes that communities and individuals can make to help create a better tomorrow.

Get involved in 2024

What’s your New Years resolution?
Is it to:
  • try something new?
  • meet new people?
  • get out into nature more?
  • campaign?
  • make a positive difference locally?
  • reduce your impact on the environment?

If you have answered yes to any of the above why not have a look at the wide range of local groups in the links below covering everything from waste/ recycling/ nature/ volunteering/ travel & transport/ energy/ campaigning and so much more……….

We hope you find something you enjoy

Calling local green groups

As you may be aware Watford and Three Rivers Friends of the Earth (W3RFOE) have organised a Great Big Green Week over the last three years which has involved numerous local groups (Green Watford).  Following conversations with these groups, and others, one requested action that constantly comes up is how great it would be to have a meeting where local green, sustainable and environmental groups can come together with the aim of:

  • connecting different groups to share areas of synergy and potential collaboration,
  • raising awareness of the breadth and depth of work that is undertaken across Watford, and
  • sharing ideas and best practices to support the work we do.

To support these aims W3RFOE are hosting two “connections” meeting:

  • one for Watford groups on the 8th November between 1900-2045 in central Watford, and
  • one for Three Rivers groups on the 29th November between 1900 – 2045 in Croxley Green.

We would like to invite up to 2 people per group to attend, we hope you can make it. The meeting is aimed at groups whether micro local or branches of national bodies, whether voluntary or private sector – and across all green, sustainable and environmental sectors.  

The venue details will be sent to confirmed attendees and refreshments will be provided, the venue is fully accessible.  The agenda for the event will be confirmed 1 week in advance as the structure of the event will in part be dictated by the number and breadth of attendees, and the agenda will therefore be tailored to ensure groups and individuals get the most out of the meeting.

We hope this meeting starts conversations and supports you as organisations, and collectively as groups in Watford, work together and work smart to have the impact we all want and aim for.

If you are interested in attending either event please contact us at

COP Day of Action

Watford and Three Rivers Friends of the Earth, as part of the COP Day of Action, organised a march through Watford – marching alongside over 100,000 people in Glasgow, with over 300 demonstrations taking place across the world on the same day.

Marchers called on the UK government to ACT NOW on climate action and end its support for fossil fuels during the UN climate talks.

The marchers carried messages to both global, national and local governments to do more NOW to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees and deliver real and fair solutions to the climate crisis.

With the messages including “Earth’s on fire” the march highlighted the current hypocrisy from the UK Government in claiming to be a world leader on climate whilst building new roads and runways, and continuing to support fossil fuels here and abroad.

Visit the following site to see marches across the UK :