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In March 2020 I became a Grandma. It was the most rewarding and heartbreaking time. Like so many people, lockdown stole my grandsons early months from me. Video calls were priceless but not enough. Rather than focusing on not being able to see him, I became obsessed thinking about things I could do for him. I recorded myself reading stories to be played to him, so he knew my voice, and would know, when the time came to meet in person, that I was a source of love and comfort. But what else could I do for him?


In this blog we will be exploring ways to Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and (only when all else fails) Recycle. Thinking of new ways to look at our buying habits, great leftover recipes, creative ideas using packaging and even ways to reduce our energy use.

I believe, here in Watford, we can make a real difference in reducing waste and show the rest of the country how it’s done!

Come on you Watfordians, join me in my journey to reduce waste in Watford.

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